Thursday, November 10, 2016

November 10th, 2016; thursday;10:17P.M.;23901

" cook wear? Oh well, now we are equal, I know who the election and so do you.
It was a good day, even though I've been having off days for a while now.
     I was sick almost all night. Rickey came in here about, not sure. Upon awaking this morning I started vomiting, not a lot but enough.
I asked him today if he will help me fix my big camper up. It doesn't need t lost of work but I'd like to get it so I can live in it. Even if I don't take it off driving any where.
So how did Trump do as a president? Do you know why the put the letter "I" in the middle of the word president  very good day.t? It because the office needs some spice.  Ha Ha=Just a silly joke.
     Tomorrow will be. I've been thinking serious for a few days ago or so now. If I can't get out of this rats nest and in to my camper. You know somewhere nice, clean, warm in the winter and cool in the heat. You know it may sound like I've lost my mind and some may think I have  But I have half a mind to walk right out that back door and keep going. I get where I'm  going. I am HEALTHY, I am HAPPY, I am STRONG Physically and mentally, I am wealthy, I am strong, I enjoy smiling at people and people enjoy smiling me all the time. At least I did while I was at CTCA. I was happy there. What happened? I was able to read, write, enjoy just being. I enjoyed walking around and do a little shopping here and there even thought it wasn't very expensive stuff. Just walking out the back door and head straight to the woods. There's nothing back there except dirt and knocked over trees. It would be fun just to see what's back there. Who knows, maybe a pile of rocks or an old watering hole. Maybe the perfect place to pitch a tent? I'd be will to bet rabbits are back there. Snakes should be in by now due to 2 mornings of frost down into the 40- 50's. I'd like to put some heavy shoes on and head on back there. I always have wondered what's back there. A lot of land back there I can say that much. I can tell you this it starts over here on our right facing the back of the land, there some where back there if turns off to the left. I've seen it go around the peoples homes, the trees are knocked down, shaved right off naked off to the earth. Then turn around facing the left there are more trees all gone but a much larger patch. It goes around the house (s) it just totally wiped down every thing. In a much, much larger area. I'd like to head on back there and check it all out to.. Seems like the U.S. never learns, I know you don't remember the dust bowl I think it was in the 1920 or 1930's I'm not sure.    I would like to know why they are tearing up these lovely trees?
Then would I plan on a camp site? Would I plan on staying the evening, watching the starts?  Didn't I plan on anything: food, water, blankets, do I cook, did I decide on the tent or not? Such a lot of small decisions. But seems that I made my decision when I decided to walk out the back door not drive the van. The van may have been smarter. I would have had a bed, heat, hopefully gas ac if its warm out there. I would have radio, extra lucky a tv. lights after dark. A way to stay out of rain, snow, sun. I'm thinking of all the things, You know Pros and Cons. A van (Vehicle) could save us from wild animals.
     Sounds like we have a good bit a ground covered.  I am a Healthy, happy, healthy, happy, wealthy, wealthy, (I know I'm messing around doubling everything.) God is so good to me! God has always been so good to me.
I   am going to go lay down now.
With all of my positive thought and prayers. I love you!!!! Love Linda