Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Truth in Thinking: End of 2010

Truth in Thinking: End of 2010: "WOW! here we are the end of 2010. Looking back woulda I have changed anything. I would liked to have had more freedom, to travel. To visi..."

End of 2010

WOW! here we are the end of 2010. Looking back woulda I have changed anything. I would liked to have had more freedom, to travel. To visit my family, and to see new things, meet new people. I started this blog hoping to meet people to get new ideas, new ways of looking at things. So far it really hasn't showed much.
I did get a large amount of sewing in. I did do a good number of good things include defend myself against a family that has thought they were better than me for a number of years. That was a step forward toward the life I have wanted for a long time. Actually I am glad I have this (blog)to myself, I have never known what I would say before I got here, it takes a burden off my shoulders. Not long ago I learned that my first love was dieing of Cancer. The one I wrote about in The Letter to Louisville,Kentucky. At first I was suprised, than almost glad, anything but un-forgiving. Then one of my daughters ask me to pray for him. My first reaction was "NO, he is just going to die and burn in Hell!!" Then I had to tke a good look at myself. I ask GOD to forgive me, and that I do forgive him. No, I really don't want him to burn in Hell. Thank you GOD. Have you ever had an experience like that? Why not share? Linda G..

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December 14th,2010

17 days until 2011! I woke up this morning to almost 3 inches of beautiful soft white fluffly snow. Hoping to get enough so I can once again try my hands of making a snow person. Last year during the worst snow storm in Virginia sense 1980 something, my snow person was lop sided . Looked funny to the neighborhood. But I liked it, hated to see it melt away. It was one of the last around to go. I put a straw hat sun glasses, a stick for an arm that I loaned out one of my brooms to. Perhaps this year I will loan out a mop, or let it use my snow blower. Wounder how it would look pushing a lawn mower or tiller. What would be really neat would be to make one setting on the seat of my tractor. Holding a cup of hot cocoa. Snow people need clothes. One rarely sees a group of snow people. maybe they need a town of thier own. I would call it Snow Town, estabilished in 2010. Of course it would be a resort town, mostly vacant in the Summer. Are you as fond of this idea as I am? if so, and you decide to build your own town real or not please share your ideas with me. Hopefully we can share photos. Your Friend Linda G..

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Remembering ONE day that should have made a difference

In the middle of Summer back in 1990 I was invited to a new friends house, as we walked the yard we came across an old shed that someone had spray painted the words "HELP ME" on the front door. I asked this new friend who did that and he said "Oh, just my son up to no good again." Days turned into weeks,weeks into months and months into only a hand full of years. This man's son was a drug abuser and alcolic. He committed so many crimes and different kinds of them. He spent most of his adult life in jails and prisions. No matter what when he was out he just could not educate himself to societies ways, rules,and laws. One Fall evening about 10:30P.M. My phone rang. He had been drinking taking drugs and was in the passenger set of a Toyota Carolla with a friend of his that was doing to same as himself. On a long stretch of dark country road they were left of center when an old Ford Pickup truck ran head first into the passenger side right over my friends son. The truck driver was drunk. Both vechicles flipped over. The son was the only one the died that evening or was he dead in side by the time I read the "HELP ME" sign? He died in the hospital 3 hours later everything on his insides were destroyed. Doctors didn't even want body parts. I don't know why I am sharing this. Maybe just to let it go for awhile.

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