Friday, November 4, 2016

November 4th, 2016; Friday; 2:35A.M.;59degrees outside;79degrees in my bedroom; Central Virginia some wheres.

I am really LOVING this long summer weather. It wouldn't bother me if it lasted all fall and through the winter.
      Well, I went to CTCA ( Cancer Treatment Centers of America). I was up there for 1 week the first time then 7 weeks the second time.
It is a beautiful place and its full of beautiful people that well, some work there some are patients there. I made friends in every section of the hospital.
      Honestly while I was there the radiation (Everyday) I had treatments but the Chemotherapy I had 3 treatments. The only days I didn't get a radiation treatment was on weekends and I was up there Labor Day, thy were closed. The cafeteria was open nearly all the time.
I must admit the CTCA try to keep the place up-beat every Friday they have keroke, anyone welcomed and once a  week there is a singer in the dining area- normally on Friday evening about 7P.M... Yes, the karoke was there faithfully Fridays at 1P.M..
     Those times I miss for sure! I enjoyed going on over to CTCA and just being there with the people. Some of them I'd see a lot others they just seem to come and go. The first time I (we) was there Rickey went with me we went by plane. American Airlines.
May I be allowed to say this one thing...I don't like flying! I do not like it! Not one thing about flying did I enjoy! From the time I arrived at the airport to the time I got off the airport in the up-coming state.. I dis-liked, very strongly! I hope never to have to fly again.
     The hotels I stayed in were nice. I liked all the people I met. I can honestly say that I really Like (with a capital) "L" Like the people up North! most of the people I met up north are beautiful, wonderful people!
      When Rickey and I were up there the first time to visit the CTCA campus We stayed (Free) in Hotel Guest Quarters North. It was nice. I really enjoyed it because it was so clean, the people very friendly.
      This past time (my second visit) I was up there alone. I didn't mind it was nice, I thought. I was residing in Hotel Guest Quarters West. I was there for 1 month I think. Then for some reason everyone in the hotel was asked to move to one of their other hotels. I was offered my choice between 3 other hotels. All of them lovely and very clean. Wish I could have visited the 2 newest hotels they are now using.
I fell in love with this town and the people there. No Joke! It is a town like you'd see in a movie. Like a Disney, or made of Disney movie. So many parks. I've never seen so many parks in one town in my life. Honestly I have thought about moving there to live.  I'd like to buy a small piece of land 1 or 2 acres, just big enough for me a horse or 2, a small garden, and a dog. I'll move my camper up there get someone here to fix it or help me to fix it up.
That will give me shelter. Maybe I can find someone (I can pay) to drive me and the camper up there and park in on my new bought land.
     I guess you are wondering which small town I am refereeing to? Ok if you really want to know, Zion.  Zion, Illinois 60099. See I like the place so much I even remembered the zip code.
     I still believe Farmville and surrounding areas to the best weather us on down to Florida.
     I apologize to all the people at CTCA. Radiation took my hearing and my vocal cords. I am working on buying a hearing aid now. November 14th, 2016 at 9A.M. I have an app. with a hearing aid doctor. I've never had anything like this before, so maybe they will be kind and gentle. When I was a little kid I got a staple in one of my fingers and every since then my jaws want to try to act-up on me. But I stop it by working with it. Seems like satan has been trying to put an end to my days every since I was a small child.
It's a long night. I'd like to get some sewing or something under my belt for one morning.
     Thank you to everyone at CTCA in Zion, Illinois 60099. Thank you for everything you did to help me while I was there. Many people there went out of their way to help me. I'm serious. I owe them all a special "Thank You!"
     I hope to see you all on my next visit trip for a check up.
            I want to say thanks,
                     Linda G..