Wednesday, November 23, 2016

November 23rd, 2016; wednesday; 7:15P.M.; 42 degrees outside; 74 inside; Central, Virginia

Hello all, and I'm hoping you are having a nice holiday season. Tomorrow is Thanks Giving.
     One of the hearing aides we (I) ordered came today. Guess what??? IT WORKS! I'm so happy! I have been in a silent world for some months now. The last time I was able to hear was when I went to talk to some lady around here she said she works for the city/state in helping people get hearing devices. Thank you God I no longer need nr want help from them. Actually I never did I just did not know where else to go.
     This one is just fine so far! We had turkey, nuns puffs, mashed potatoes and stuffing so far that's all I have cooked. I'm cooking the skins off sweet potatoes now for sweet potato pies later.
how are you? my good on-line friends? Are you in good health? how's your job? your family? your friends? I'd like hearing from you. just send me email at my address.
The weather here (to me) is lovely. I'm absorbing it all over.  My dog Belle is laying out in the yard soaking up vitamin D. Won't be long before winter gets here, but then spring will be here to.
     I received a letter from one of my aunts, lives up in Minnesota, she really likes the holidays she goes all out. Do you have family members like that? Are they THE BEST! They have to be the best family there ever could be. Always happy (t seems) always planning for the next holiday. How everything has to be just so. She is baking 5 pies this year because everyone brings pies etc..
I'm am grateful for those family members. Well, I'm grateful for all of them.
    I have a aunt and uncle that have to be 95years each. They are the ones I'll miss the most.
I am so grateful that this hearing aid works!
Anyway I do hope to hear from you.    Your online friend Linda G..