Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Natural Salve- HONEY

Good morning, thought you maybe interested in this.
People outside of the U.S. do this a lot more often than we do. Using pasteurized honey has been found to reduce infection and promote wound healing. It can be a bit messy but honey does its part to keep the wound moist while it heals. Only pasteurized honey. The unpasturized may contain disease-causing microbes.

1998- the nation's first commercial surgical glue was approved by the FDA.
Instead of stitches you may now be glued-no pun intended.
The cuts apparently heal just as those with stitches, without requiring a follow-up visit. It has been found that this technique is not suitable for wounds in skin- stretchy places, like hands, feet,elbows,and knees.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

August 17th,2010, Tuesday,71 degrees, 7:19:13A.M..

August 17th,2010, Tuesday,7:11 A.M.,71 degrees.
We will never pass this way again. No turning back, woops we just let 2 seconds go by. What are you going to do today? do you have it all planned out? or just going to let it fly itself? Let me know how your days go by. Looks like rain here in central Va. what about where you are? What is your favorite time of the year? I enjoy Spring and Fall the best. Lizzy(my little dog, is a dash hound) she has gotten so she sleeps a lot. Well I have been up sense 2:a.m. and I have something I really need to think about. Let me know how your days are for you. P.S. it is ok if you correct anything on this page you see wrong. Just let me know. Linda G..