Sunday, July 3, 2016

More of July 3rd, 2016; Sunday; 69 Degrees outside my window; 76 inside my bedroom; 23901.

I woke up right at 10:a.m. this morning. I was just outside walking around my yard, its been raining almost all night the grass is what I like to call "SuperWet", you know the kind of wetness that soaks you leather tennis shoes. Rickey (was actually the one the one that got me out of this room) , Belle and myself were outside together. Our apple trees look GREAT! so many beautiful Gaga Apples. Yep! I'm Linda Gala so I dub this tree "The Great Gala Tree" :)  . Rickey and I came in Belle stayed out there to roam the woods for rabbits.
  Ive been cutting out a pattern most all morning. Its my own pattern. I'm working my skills to sew myself a blouse (poppy  print.) BBL: :)  1:55P.M..  This is a sad and lone some place. I hate the whole 23901 zip code. Its dreary, no one here speaks to the next one, no one waves nor cracks a smile. A dried up old place, reminds me of desserts or being stranded out in the literal - middle of any ocean on this planet. I need positive thoughts pumping into my mind, my brain. BBL:  2:01P.M. People come here (23901) to die. They literally pick themselves up pack what they have to their names into a vehicle they've rented for a few hours and transplant themselves into a place, a place of no return. You may not ever be able to escape this place, its a black hole, it will suck the life out of you. Do yourselves a favor Don't come here to live, come here sight see shake the dirt/dust off your clothes and LEAVE this 23901 area. BBL:   2:07P.M. I wish I knew someone that would get me out of here= Literally , physically. I want to hike and camp the world but I do want to start in the U.S. my plan would be to get to Va. Beach, Va. and just walk/hike/camp head north in the summer and south in the winter and just keep going around and around making decisions as I go. Like which road(s) will I take where will I eat, sleep etc. I'll decide on that as I get to it. I have things I need to go do so please excuse me. I would like your feed back. Please be honest but not so honest it hurts. I've had enough of that for one life time. Sincerely, Linda G. Jehoich-Lilley
(This is an experiment, I will know by intuition should it be carried forward.)

July 3rd, 2016; Sunday; 4:29A.M.; 68 degrees outside; 77 inside my bedroom; 23901.

Hello, I am hoping that you are remembering me (?). I'm Linda G. Jehoich-Lilley. I haven't been here in sometime now and feel as if I'm ready to get back in touch with my blogger friends and family.
First of all, Please, (I mean this sincerely) How Are You?
Perhaps you remember I told you several doctors had told me I had throat cancer? Well, sense I didn't have a cancer doctor my family doctors quit on me one by one. They would stay with me long enough to get to know me then quit. Last Thursday I mentioned to my youngest daughter (Tanya) sissy that I was interested in Cancer treatment centers of America and BOOM! she had me on hold and them on the other line. I was so scared all these years and no one would step up and help me. I know it sounds like I'm a child, Yes, I more than likely am. I don't know if I want to die, pass on at such a young age.
  Cancer Treatment Center of America out of Zion, Illinois sent me 4 pages of paper work to fill out and fax back to them- so I did with help from Rickey (my husband). Now the waiting begins. Its a holiday for all of us.
Please allow me to be honest with you, please allow me to talk openly and honestly with you. If you feel that you want or need to step in please don't hesitate. Jump in with both feet. Please be careful (gentle) with me though I am at a sensitive stage in my life and feel lost.
Yesterday I visited face book where someone had posted a pic. of a poster of Jesus Christ with his out stretched hand  it said something like "Let me guide you". I could have broken down in tears. That's all I've ever wanted in my life.
All day long I dwelled upon that pic. then I remembered in the Holy Bible it said  Pray Non-Ceasing.
So I've been learning how to pray non-ceasing. What do I do now???
This knot on/inside my neck has grown. That's not the point though. I'm not sure what I should do if I should do anything at all?
If it were you what would you do? un-fair question? Yes, I know. I feel as if its un-fair myself. I ask God for help and now I'm not sure. I want to live yet, I don't want half a face / head. How can I walk the streets as I go in Walmart to do my regular shopping with half a face or head? I'm praying that when I arrive at the C. T. C. of America that things will not be as bad as I'm thinking?
C.T.C. of America (Cancer treatment centers of America).
If you have any advice or if you know anyone that does have advice or first hand knowledge please have them contact me, if they wouldn't mind doing so. I would prefere email or texting though.
 I've missed  you all so very much! would enjoy writing and keeping in touch.
If God continues holding the door open for me to walk through I'll be leaving here around July 6th, 2016 Don't have any idea when I'll be back. I hate to admit to it but who knows if I'll be back? You see that's in Gods out stretched hands as well.  Please Pray for me. I will pray for you anytime just fill me in on details, as much or as little as you feel comfortable with.
   I 'll be around no matter what. I'll be talking to u a little later this afternoon.
                                                       Linda G. Jehoich-Lilley

July 3rd, 2016; sunday; 4:A.M.; 68 degrees outside; 78degrees in my bedroom; 23901.