Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Truth in Thinking: Do a Power Lunch

Truth in Thinking: Do a Power Lunch: " &n..."

Do a Power Lunch

                                                             Power Pudding
If you need a concentrated fiber supplement to maintain softer, more frequent bowel movements, try Power Pudding.

3 1/4 cups cooked prunes
2 cups apple juice
2 cups prune juice
1 cup bran
          Puree the ingredients and refrigerate the mixture.  Start with a two- or three- ounce serving three to seven days a week.  "Adjust the amount and frequency to achieve a normal stool pattern". 
           Some people gain weight eating this rich mixture, and the large amount of sugar may cause difficulty for some diabetics.  But for those who can handle the extra sugar, this can be good medicine.  It has been proven especially effective with constipated elderly people who are housebound.