Monday, November 28, 2016

November 28th, 2016; Monday; 52degrees; 2:20P.M.; 74degrees in my bedroom..

     Weather channel has been calling for rain what seems like forever. They claim it will hang around for 3 days.  Rainy days are ok with me as long as I don't need to go out in that mess.
I laid in bed until 11:A.M. today. Normally I'm up much earlier, don't know why I have been wanting to sleep so long, for days now. Really I do now or at least I think I know but I'm not ready to share it. Maybe my new hearing aids will come in today or get here soon. This one is ok, the battery does go dead sooner than I'd expect it to. But at least it works and I can hear.
     Bell just came in. I mopped a bathroom floor. Need to go write Myrt. and Bill a letter. They are wonderful people live up in Minnesota, I'm proud to call them my aunt and uncle, my dads side. My Dad has a lot of Good family up north. North is nice especially in summer, I prefer south, the north was very good to me when I was up there a couple months ago, CTCA (Cancer Treatment Centers of America).
     So far I've had a bowl of rice cereal and a glass of whey to eat. I feel good! I do need to go into town to buy myself food.
     I have one of those colorama colored pencils with a book set. I did happen to pick it up last evening for a short period of time it was fun. Perhaps I'll do it again sometime.
     Right now I'm sewing, working on a quilt and a messenger bag, I'm making it from scratch and decorating it along the way. It'll be really nice. Maybe Lisa would like to make herself one or have this one.
I'm going for now.
It would be nice to hear from you (No pun intended).
Linda G..