Monday, December 5, 2016

December 5th, 2016; Monday; 44 degrees, outside; 8:55P.M.; central Virginia

   Monday, Mondays are the second day of every week right?  Well guess what today was very special at least to me.  You see today was a normal  day like most other days when oh, about 2:P.M. I thought it was time to take the trash out. Upon opening the back door I began to take my first steps Right foot then left. All of the sudden I looked to my left and just about 6 feet away sat the prettest grey kitten I think I ever seen.
     I say, say think because a time about, less than 10 yrs. ago we had a grey kitten that looks so much like this kitten it is Hard to believe.  They could pass as twins. I thought I think our kitten has reincarnated. I gave it food, he gave it food all the while Belle was showing her jealous streak. She never once attempted to hurt this kitten. Belle is a kind animal.
     I hope it stays its so pretty and un-like the orange one, this grey one allowed me to bend over and touch it. It looks like its about 1 yr..  If it stays what shall I name it? I know, if its here tomorrow I'll get pictures first chance I can, post them and may be you'll help me name it. It was so bony today I fed it canned alpo and he gave it the cat food that's hard, out of a bag.
     Are you ready for Christmas?
I'll say good night for now.
Sincerely, Linda G..