Sunday, July 3, 2016

More of July 3rd, 2016; Sunday; 69 Degrees outside my window; 76 inside my bedroom; 23901.

I woke up right at 10:a.m. this morning. I was just outside walking around my yard, its been raining almost all night the grass is what I like to call "SuperWet", you know the kind of wetness that soaks you leather tennis shoes. Rickey (was actually the one the one that got me out of this room) , Belle and myself were outside together. Our apple trees look GREAT! so many beautiful Gaga Apples. Yep! I'm Linda Gala so I dub this tree "The Great Gala Tree" :)  . Rickey and I came in Belle stayed out there to roam the woods for rabbits.
  Ive been cutting out a pattern most all morning. Its my own pattern. I'm working my skills to sew myself a blouse (poppy  print.) BBL: :)  1:55P.M..  This is a sad and lone some place. I hate the whole 23901 zip code. Its dreary, no one here speaks to the next one, no one waves nor cracks a smile. A dried up old place, reminds me of desserts or being stranded out in the literal - middle of any ocean on this planet. I need positive thoughts pumping into my mind, my brain. BBL:  2:01P.M. People come here (23901) to die. They literally pick themselves up pack what they have to their names into a vehicle they've rented for a few hours and transplant themselves into a place, a place of no return. You may not ever be able to escape this place, its a black hole, it will suck the life out of you. Do yourselves a favor Don't come here to live, come here sight see shake the dirt/dust off your clothes and LEAVE this 23901 area. BBL:   2:07P.M. I wish I knew someone that would get me out of here= Literally , physically. I want to hike and camp the world but I do want to start in the U.S. my plan would be to get to Va. Beach, Va. and just walk/hike/camp head north in the summer and south in the winter and just keep going around and around making decisions as I go. Like which road(s) will I take where will I eat, sleep etc. I'll decide on that as I get to it. I have things I need to go do so please excuse me. I would like your feed back. Please be honest but not so honest it hurts. I've had enough of that for one life time. Sincerely, Linda G. Jehoich-Lilley
(This is an experiment, I will know by intuition should it be carried forward.)