Wednesday, July 6, 2016

July 6th, 2016; Wednesday; 9:59 P.M.; 73 degrees outside; 83 degrees in my bedroom; 23901

Oh what a beautiful day it is. Today are two very special birthdates, My oldest sister-in-law Lois was born on this day many years ago but she is a beautiful woman and has several grown children that has children. Then we have my Uncle Bill whom I love with all of my heart (And his wife Myrtlene) we know her as Myrt. Beautiful woman, she is beyond any woman I've ever met in my life> You just have to meet her. She goes up and over beyond with anyone else has ever done. I'm PROUD that are my Uncle and Aunt. Let me get back to subject, birthdates Bill will be 95 years today...Now tell me would you like to live to be in  very good health?? I'd like to be as healthy as he when I turn 95 years. He still works his gardens, one of his sons Randy helps him everyday in everyway he can. God bless you Randy. If I had any sense I would have thought about moving there. Where my Dad was born and raised... Minnesota. Not exactly sure where in Minnesota, though I do remember Sauk Rapids being in the ball park of places he would have lived.
I'm told a wild story about my granddad, No, I never met him, my loss I know. Him and my dads mother traveled all over Canada and our majestic United States of America. Many of their children were born  in both Canada and U.S. Not sure how many siblings either of my parents have.
Oh yes, Birthdays, I do apologize, please forgive me.
My aunt Myrt. and their Big family are throwing Bill a party in a hall. They were looking to rent a large room for it. That's about all she has clued me in, you know her letters. I have enjoyed writing back and forth with Myrt. and Bill, Rickey and I. You see Bill and Rickey are our silent partners, they are the two that get to relax drink coffee and listen to what it is we are writing about. I am not afraid of dying. Its my loved ones: Brandy M., Lisa A. Tanya (sissy) M. and Rickey C..       They are the ones I am concerned about. I love them. They all four (4) know our Heavenly Father that doesn't worry my at all. You know they are all 4 going to be ok! God loves us all even you my friend (reading this).
I hope this is turning out to be a good day for you. Pray for me and I'll keep praying for you.
   Please keep coming back. If you don't see me on here for 7 days straight then I've gone home. If I for see any reason why I cannot be here for 7 days straight I will tell you.
You are my friend at least that's the way I look at it. I care about how you are feeling, how you are thinking, so why don't you take time and pour your heart out to me. We can chat/ text/email which ever you'd like.
I'm Linda G. Jehoich_lilley 
Please just call my Linda.