Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Variety of Doll Clothes For Sale

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"HI" I am Linda G. at  My Mother made this it fits a 18inch doll, I also have doll clothes that fit 36inch dolls or size 3 in toddlers. My Mother now has Alzheimers Disease. I am trying to take care of her, it isn't easy now that I lost my job. For a 5.00 donation plus 5.00 postage I will mail you any one of the suits of clothes. I sew if you need sewing or if you have someone you need to be checked in on I will call the (U.S. only, Please.) I would never put these precious items up for donation except for the fact it cost me a lot for medications, doctor visits, and not to mention everyday life. If you can help please do so. May God Bless and be with you always. Linda G.