Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Remedies for Common Health Problems

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     Put a dust mite under a microscope and it looks like The Bug That Ate Buffalo. Than there's the mold-- the fungus amoung us. It could even be Fido that's making you itch and sneeze.

     You don't have to be a victim of allergies. You can take the offensive:

SWITCH ON THE CLIMATE CONTROL.  Optimum temperature is 70 degree F during the day and 65 degree F at night. Setting on air conditioner on superfreeze may aggravate allergy symptoms. Optimum humidity is 40 to 50 percent.

SPRAY TANNIC ACID ON YOUR CARPET. Tannic is a compound found in tea, coffee and cocoa. Researchers have found it can chemically alter dust, pollen and dust-mite antigens so they don't cause allergic reactions. A product called Allergy Control Solution is produced by Allergy Control Products, 96 Danbury Lane, Ridgefield, CT. 06877   

I am Linda G. these wonderful totes are free with a 10.00 donation and 5.00 postage. They are made of the finest quality fabric, heavy duty, machine wash and dry, they fold for easy storage.

I made them and need the money to take care of my mother whom has Alzheimers Disease. If you can help please do so.
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If you need someone to call and check in one a loved one-Medicine reminders,etc, please contact me (U.S. Only Please) I am willing to work with you. Please leave contact information.
May God Bless you and be with you always. Linda G.