Tuesday, April 5, 2011


     If you are looking for a one day a week income opportunity for a big profit, here are some suggestions.

     To begin with, you have to like people and want to work with and for them. Then you have to decide how much time you want to invest. You may want to work "One Day" or you may want to work a few days during the week.

     Or you may just want to work "One  Half  Day" per week. In either situation, you can plan your time so that you can have income for the rest of the month on this limited working day.

     TOOL SHARPENING AND GRINDING. You may need to buy or rent required equipment. Cost is suprisingly low. Contact any machine shops or any sources in your city or area that use tools.

Set up a schedule whereby you will sharpen and grind their tools on one agreed-upon day a month. Charge a flat fee per item. Arrange your "tool sharpening day" in advance so all will be ready.

     You may do it yourself (it's as simple as slicing an apple, with today's machines) or job it out. If you have ten companies giving you their tools and work just one day per week or month, you could earn enough income to satisfy you for the rest of the month.