Tuesday, April 5, 2011

30 Days of Big Profits

     AUCTIONEERING. You may need a license for this income opportunity so query your local county clerk. Start out by visiting auction sites to see how it is handled. Most auctions run for one day so you work during that time span at one spot, calling for bids, setting sales. You're free the rest of the week or month or until you want to work on another assignment.

     Ask auction houses for this work. See ads from auction galleries, contact them for work. You need no equipment for this one, just a good clear voice. Payment is either a flat fee or a commission arrangement. Because merchandise is costly, a commission can be much more lucrative than a flat fee.

     GIVE DRIVING LESSONS. A private driving teacher is much more informal (cheaper, too) and less hurried than a commercial one. Spread the word that you're available at the convenience of the prospective customers. Charge rates that cover your car expenses and your time, too. Check whether you need a licends with your county clerk.

     ATHLETIC TEACHER. Do you have any athletic skill such as swimming, exercising, jogging (yes, it calls for a technique) or any sport/ Teach this skill to others right in your own home. Swimming will call for use of a public pool, though, and you may need to get an okay for this.

     In warm weather, bring a group of potential swimmers to a lake and teach them the basics. Other athletics such as exercising can be done at home, jogging can be done around the block. Just one day per week or month can give you a tidy sum.  http://listening4u.blogspot.com/, http://www.orble.com/Winning, http://lindagjehoich.blogspot.com/, http://a1itsinthebag.blogspot.com/