Sunday, March 6, 2011

Use Your Landline to Make Money.

     Put your telephone to good use with these income creating opportunities.
     HOME DICTATION SERVICE. Take dictation right over your telephone. You do not need to know shorthand. Install a tape recording device. Then you type up the letter or message and arrange for the pickup or have it delivered for a little extra cost. Customers can be found amoung any businessperson group or profession. Charge a flat fee per page.
     MESSAGE RELAY SERVICE. Let business people as well as others list your telephone as their own. Take messages. The business-person then calls you for these messages. No special equipment needed. Charge by the month.
     FRIENDLY TELEPHONE CALLER. Arrange to call retired people, invalids, shut-ins and others at specified times during the day that they request. Chat and gossip with them and be friendly toward any of their problems. Offer any advice and help that you would offer a friend. If your client does not answer upon the agreed time, wait thirty minutes and call again. If still no reply, contact the nearest relative.
     Your clients will need to give you phone numbers of people to call if they don't answer. The only cost here is for advertisements in the classified section of your local paper. Your city may allow unlimited calls within your vicinity so you have no extra expense. Even if you do, it is still profitable. Charge $10.00 to 15.00 per month. If you have just 10 clients, it is a nice little income. It's a friendly one too.
     TELEPHONE SURVEYS. Look in the Yellow Pages under Opinion Research or Motivational Research. Contract them and offer to do telephone surveys "at home." These companies tell you who to call, what to ask, what to write down and how to relay data to them. Charge the companies involved an agreed-upon rate, in advance; either per call or per week.
     BABY SETTING SERVICE. That's rightt, this is a service which means you do not do baby sitting yourself (unless you want the extra cash0 but job out the assignments to teens. Insert ads in local papers. Send notices to churches, clubs, organizations or wherever you have a bulletin board. When calls come in, relay the assignment to a sitter.
     Payments are made directly to you. Deduct your commission, give the balance to the sitter. If your sitter is trustworthy, she/he can collect the payment and give you your commission. This income opportunity is done without leaving your home.
     CAR POOL SERVICE. You act as a "finder" by grouping people together for a car pool going to specific destinations. Advertise for those seeking a car pool. Set up the rates. Group the people together. Charge each rider a flat "finder's fee' for getting him or her into the car pool. Get this in advance. You can set up many car pools right from your home with the use of your telephone.
     TELEPHONE RESEARCH. Yes, do it by ear. Many companies want research facts but can't pay steady salaries for telephoneers. This is where you come in. You'll telephone executives (they supply you with sources and contacts), get the requested facts and write it all down, or tape record it. Often, you'll be given a questionaire. Yoy ask questions on the phone and write down the facts. Charge a flat fee per call.
     WAKE UP SERVICE. You become an alarm clock with a human touch. Wake up customers whenever requested. Some will want it done daily. (Sound sleepers can't respond to an alarm clock but seem to awaken to a telephone ring.)  Keep ringing until uour customers wake up. Charge by the call or a flat monthly fee for those who want it daily. You may have to adjust your own hours for sleeping when you have no calls to make.
     FRIENDLY REMINDER SERVICE. Many people forget important dates such as anniversaries, birthdays, special events--even forthcoming appointments. They'll gladly pay for someone who will call and remind them of the impending occasion. Just put the name and telephone number of your customer on a piece of paper, then write down the exact date of the occassion. Plan to call a day or two in advance or whenever he/she requests it. Suggestion: If there is a reminder about a gift-giving occassion, offer to do the buying and delivering of the gift. It means a little extra money for you, although you'll have to leave hometo do it. But it's a lot of fun.
     ORDER TAKING. Ever see advertisements by stores that are closed weekends or certain days? Readers would order on those weekends if anyone would take their orders. Stores usually won't pay staff to wait in the store or office on a weekend or holiday. So contact these stores and tell them you're ready to take their orders. They'll also supply you with special forms and order blanks.
     ANSWERING SERVICE. This is more personalized than a hooked up or mechanical device. Tell business people that for a specificfee, they can list your telephone number on stationary, cards, circulars, etc., with the imprint. "If no answer, call..." Take messages for them. Your clients call you regularly for these messages. Great income opportunity for house-bound people.
     Your telephone can bring you good income and enjoyment, right in the privacy of your home. All you need is a pleasant voice. Then you'll make a lovely profit.