Saturday, March 5, 2011

The 12 Simple Rules For Being Successful

     No matter how small your opportunity and no matter how little time you invest, you will need some basic necessities. Most folks already have them. These include:
     A listed telepone so customers can reach you. In your home, you also need a small space, just enough to contain a desk (or a plain table) and a chair, some paper and pencils. It should be a place as free from distractions as possible, so you can concentrate on your activities.

     Stationery. You will command respect if you have printed calling cards and letterheads. The cost is very small. Use these calling cards for every personal contact you make. Use letterheads for every letter you write, including bills. Both should boldly proclaim the purpose of your business. Be proud of your service. Use very large type. You register a good impression this way.
     Maintain Simple Records. Keep a set of  neat records and files. Any local stationary store has simple account books that are easy to maintain. Write down your income and expenses. This tells you whether you are reaching your goals. Also, keep a list of customers, their addresses and telephone numbers . If necessary,keep in touch with them on a regular basis.
      MONEY-MAKING WORDS. Specialists have discovered that there are 12 words that can draw money, more so than other words. Use them as frequently as you can. Use them when trying to sell your service to customers. Use them when you describe your services in literature. You might also try to use them in your printed stationary or calling cards. Proper use of these 12 magic money-getting words will help give you more and more profits, almost from the start.
     1.  GUARANTEE. This word carries a lot of power. You tell your customer that there is no risk at all. But be careful. Specify how long your guarantee applies and for what conditions. And be sure you can fulfill your guarantee.
     2.  MONEY.  Yes, the sale is half-made when you tell your customer that he/she can save  money through your service or product. Spell this out clearly and honestly.
     3.  SAVE. Always tell your customer that your service or product will save them time or money or both.
     4.  PROVEN.  If you offer a guarantee, try to say your service or product is proven to your customer. Back up your statement with facts. Remember that honesty is essential in all that you say or do. If you offer proven service, back up your promise.
     5.  EASY.  Most folks want convenience and simplicity. Tell how easy your service will make it for them. Everyone will pay for the luxury of having something done in a way that is both easy and convenient.
     6.  YOU. This word stimulates the person and makes them feel special. Using you in selling(both talk and print) breaks away barriers and is friendly and personal as a handshake and a smile.(Use these to.)
     7. LOVE. Everyone wants this in one way or another. Your product should have some semblance of love,even if only to think product and use it. People will respond very well to the appearance of this word in your brochure or poster.
     8. NEW. It's thrilling to buy or use a new substance. Many will pay for this priviledge if it is new to them or their neighborhood.
     9. SAFETY. This touches home base. Try to feature an element of safety (which includes security) with your product or service. It creates a healthy buying environment for many insecure folks (and aren't we all , in one way or another?) and builds your profits.
     10. RESULTS. In another word, benefits. Just explain the benefical results of your service as they apply to the customer and more profits will build up.
     11. DISCOVERY. Something new has been discovered and most folks want to get in while there is still time. Use the angle that your service is a discovery... something new...
     12.  HEALTH. If your service can make your customer look and feel healthy, it is a sure seller. Consider all aspects of health involving your service and play them up.
     Many of the income opportunities can be followed without much selling. But you will be able to make more profits and quicker, too, if you use a little selling. Be natural and believe in your product.