Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Miracles- Part 4

    Three distinct flashes of lightening pierced the sky. Alicia, a believer-in-depth, said "Oh, thank you, Lord!" You're working a miracle!" She had no doubt. She believed. And I wonder, sometimes, what the good God thinks in His heart when He sees a human being in dire trouble believing in a miracle. That must be a wonderous happening.
     The wind died down. The rain ceased. There was a great calm. This little family clung to the branches all through the darkness of night. And when dawn came, the waters had receded so that they could climb down and wade to a place of safety. They were suffering from shock, but kind hands ministered to them. And Alicia, eight days later, experienced another miracle-the miracle of birth-a healthy little girl! What a woman! What a person! What a child of God!
     That is what a human being can become if he or she fights doubts and becomes a believer. Such persons expect miracles and make miracles happen.