Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Expect a Miracle

     Expect great things from God and you will receive great things from God.  This is the basic principle known as the miracle principle. And those who live on the miracle principle have miracles popping up in their lives constantly.
     How then, can one go about expecting miracles and causing miracles to happen? The No.1 thing is to have a tremendous faith, a deep faith, a faith that is so positively strong that it rises about doubt. Doubt is always getting in the way of faith. But if you train yourself to have faith in depth, it will release an astonishing power in your life to produce miracles. There is a certain type of person in this world known as the believer.
He/She sweeps everything before him/her. He/she seems to take hold of life with a profound authority.
     The question is, how deep is your faith? Get it deep and you can face any difficulity and conquer it. One of my favorite stories is about a tremendous personality, a woman from Virginia named Alicia. She and her husband Roy and their three children lived near the shores of Va.Beach. One hot sultry day a hurricane swept up out of the blue. It slashed into the shore line with destructive force and proceeded in ward, leaving death and destruction in its wake.