Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December 14th,2010

17 days until 2011! I woke up this morning to almost 3 inches of beautiful soft white fluffly snow. Hoping to get enough so I can once again try my hands of making a snow person. Last year during the worst snow storm in Virginia sense 1980 something, my snow person was lop sided . Looked funny to the neighborhood. But I liked it, hated to see it melt away. It was one of the last around to go. I put a straw hat sun glasses, a stick for an arm that I loaned out one of my brooms to. Perhaps this year I will loan out a mop, or let it use my snow blower. Wounder how it would look pushing a lawn mower or tiller. What would be really neat would be to make one setting on the seat of my tractor. Holding a cup of hot cocoa. Snow people need clothes. One rarely sees a group of snow people. maybe they need a town of thier own. I would call it Snow Town, estabilished in 2010. Of course it would be a resort town, mostly vacant in the Summer. Are you as fond of this idea as I am? if so, and you decide to build your own town real or not please share your ideas with me. Hopefully we can share photos. Your Friend Linda G..