Monday, July 12, 2010

Olive Oil

Olive Oil has been cultivated for over 3,000 years in the Mediterranean countries, where much of the Olive crop is used to make Olive Oil. Use only olive oil that os labeled "extra virgin." Extra virgin olive oil has been cold-pressed from freshly harvested olives and does not contain chemicals. The name alone implies purity. Extra virgin olive oil supplies the best flavor , it is golden yellow in color. Green colored olive oil is of lesser quality.
Olive Oil will help your nails become stronger and more resistant to breaking and chipping. Heres how:
Before bed, soak nails in a combination of luke warm water , olive oil and lemon juice. Put on a pair of soft cloth gloves and let soak into nails over night. You will have stronger finger nails and soft cuticles.
Olive Oil helps to lower the LDL (Bad) cholesterol levels without affecting the HDL (Good) cholesterol ot triglyceride levels due to the 77 percent monounsaturated fatty acids. When ever possible use Olive Oil instead of butter or other vegetable oils.
At least 15 percent of your daily calories should come from monounsaturated fatty acids.
Taken internally, it stimulates your metabolism, promotes digestion and lubricates musous membranes. Applied extrenally is good for dry skin.
Olive Oil is made up of 77 percent monounsaturated fatty acids, 14 percent saturated fatty acids, and 9 percent polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E and vegetable mucilage.

Take 1 tablespoon of Olive Oil on an empty stomach to stimulate digestion and relieve upset stomach, flatulence and heartburn.
In the morning, take 1 teaspoon of Olive Oil mixed with lemon juice on an empty stomach. Or make a 5 oz. enema. Use 20 oz. of boiling water that has been allowed to cool to room temperature or luke warm.
The vitamin E in Olive Oil is an antioxident. The oxygen that affects other oils does not affect olive oil, so it is less likely to produre free radicals, which damage cell membranes and contribute to diseases.
Olive Oil is good for some ear problems such as stopped-up-ears. Simply put a few drops of luke warm olive oil in the affected ear. Lie for 5 minutes on the oppisite side, then turn over, so that the oil can run back out. NEVER PUT ANY LIQUID IN EAR IF YOU EVEN THINK YOU MAY HAVE A PERFORATED EAR DRUM!.
For ear aches soak a cotton ball in olive oil add a few drops of lavendar oil. Place it in the outter part of your ear until the pain goes away.
Olive Oil is good in preventing hair loss, massage olive oil into your scalp everyday for a week wash it out in the mornings.
Applied daily to dry skin, dry spots, or stretch marks.

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