Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November 30th, 2016; wednesday; 11:12P.M.; 65 degrees outside; 76 degrees in here; central Va..

oh what a very nice day it has been. Today I got a ride and went into town, loaded up with food
I don't like to thought of getting low on anything and there be a storm on its way.  I buy stuff just so I feel assured that I will not run out. I have 10 cans of anything in there and still buy another one. It must be a phobia? what does it sound like to you?
     When I got back from town today my tv had recorded survivorman and moonshiners, Primal Survivor, I really like these shows plus duel survivor, Life below zero, I really enjoy all those types of shows. What shows do you enjoy?? I can hear them now that I have a working hearing aid.
     Yesterday I stood outside along my properity line and I thought what it would really be like just to take off with a pair of hiking boots, or mountain boots? I need to talk to someone that knows boots/shoes. What would it be like just to go? not to let anything or anyone stop me just go?
     Could you do that? Right now it's raining, where do you think you would be sleeping tonight?
It's 11:25P.M. right now, dark was hours ago. Would you have prepared? Food?, water, extra clothes? Here's a big one a pot or pan to cook in.
     What about your age? Does it matter to you how old you are out there? at what age is too old to be thinking about things like that?
     I think I'll go lay down and think about this. Who knows one day I may just keep right on going.
Do you think you could do such a thing? Tell me your thoughts.
Sincerely, Linda G..