Tuesday, July 19, 2016

July 19th, 2016; tuesday; 8:26P.M.; 60099

Its been a long day. We walked over to the hospital early this fine day. Sun was shinning, birds were singing. This seems to be in a business disctrict because I haven't seen many buildings that look like homes nor have I saw school busses or children/pets.
 Zion is a very nice town, seems like there is a park every where I go, how much nicer can it get? they make it so easy for people to get out and walk exercise. Something I need and have needed for a long time. Not only a park next to me seems I'm centrally located, businesses everywhere. Back home I have to drive 20 miles to get to the nearest store, even small store. Parks at home, 23901, one has to drive a solid 21-22 miles. By the time one drives to a park you forget why you went there.
  I like it up here, up north of me :) wonder how it is in the winter? I understand it snows all winter long.
  I want to say thanks to everyone up here. I've met a lot of people up here ( no one knows who I am.) if we meet walking through one of your lovely parks or at the airport I say hello to you now because  chances are we will not chat any other place. So "HI" to my online friends and family.
your friend Linda G..