Thursday, December 29, 2011

What do You Do in Your Spare Time?

"HI" I am up all night, somehow I enjoy the quiet. This time of year is my my favorite, I am an outside person and don't like wearing rather bundling up. So glad I don't live up North!
     Where do you live? What are your hobbies? My hobby is sewing, can't ever get enough of it.
I would like to buy a camper or RV and travel around the U.S., what about you?
     Do you like where you live? Have you lived there long?
Well it's been nice. Hope to hear from you soon.

By the way I sell Dolls and Quilts. This beautiful 18 inch doll is perfect for a child or just to set on a bed.
She loves to be held and carried about. $24.99 sometimes I put them "On sale" if you are interested let me know.
May God bless and be with you always!.