Friday, June 3, 2011


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                                                     THE MATTER OF ALLERGIES.

     Wash your bedding and linens in hot water every week.
Dust mites don't drown in the washer, and studies have shown that cool-water washes have no adverse affect on them.  Hot water, on the other hand, can wipe them out before they get to you.

     Wipe mold out of its hiding places.
Periodically, take a few minutes and a bucket of chlorine bleach mixed with water to clean bathrooms, leaky windows, water vaporizers, humidifers and hot-air systems. The bleach instantly kills mold.

     Discard old, moldy or mildewed books.
Even so-called clean books should be kept in a glass-enclosed bookshelf.

     Don't forget the drip pans under your frost-free refigerator and freezer--another microbe hot spot.
A 10-percent chlorine bleach wipedown, a good washing and a fresh chlorine tablet in each pan should keep mold to a minimum.
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