Monday, May 30, 2011


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Variety of 18 inch and 36 inch doll clothes for sale- Handmade Better quality less expensive than any store! 5.00 plus 5.00 postage per out fit.

Lunch Totes with free beverage wrap 25.00 each 25.00 plus 10.00 postage.

Rag Dolls 18 inch and 36 inch , 18 inch only 15.00 plus 10.00 postage; 36 inch only 25.00 plus 15.00 postage.

Garden/ Grocery Totes, large, machine wash, foldes for easy storage. 2 for 10.00 plus 5.00 postage.

I sew childrens clothing, get ready for Summer, Lets  make a deal NOW!

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You know someone that stays home most of the time, someone that needs to be checked in on daily. I will call them for you.  Medication reminder, or just to chat when you can't.  CONTACT Linda G.