Thursday, April 14, 2011

Use Your Skill To Make Money

     SKIN AND/OR SCUBA DIVING. Many people can do this type of recreation. If you have this skill, you can cash in on the treasures from the deep sea. Here are some income opportunities from skin and/or scuba diving.

     INDOOR LESSONS. You never have to leave your home for this. All you need is a black-board. You outline lessons on how to dive into the sea. Wear an outfit while you instruct your money-paying customers. You can do this in any spare room, basement or garage.

Pass out backdate periodicals on this subject (available for a few pennies per copy at many backdate magazine stores). A course can run for 10 to 15 lessons, starting from scratch and then ending with a simulated dive into the sea...on blackboard. NOTE: Scuba diving manufacturers will often give you free motion picture films (you pay postage charges) that you can show to your students. You'll need a projector and screen, though. It does add value to your course.

     OUTDOOR LESSONS. Contact local skin diving equipment stores and ask if you can post signs in their windows for diving instruction. If the storekeeper suggests it, give him/her a slight commission per student. You'll rent his/her boat and any equipment he or she has and this gives him/her profit. Take your customers out onto the open waters and give a demonstration. As your students progress, you can take them into the water with you.

     TREASURE DIVING. In your library, read up on books about deep sea treasures. Ask the librarian for books with a local background. If treasures (legendary or not) are to be found in your local waters, then set up a treasure diving trip. Your guests will need to be skilled in diving.

     Rent a boat and charge accordingly so you make a profit. If your guests do not own diving suits, ask the boatyard owner (provided he/she rents or sells such outfits) if they will let you have the free use of a boat, in return for which you will bring them a goodly amount of customers who will either rent or buy the outfits. This is a profit-making barter method. Deep sea treasure diving is fun and it is profitable, too.,,,

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