Thursday, April 21, 2011



     CASHING IN ON THE HI-FI HOBBY. You will need some expertise in knowing how to put hi-fi components together. Many instruction booklets show you how to do this. Arrange to set up a hi-fi unit for your customers. You begin by asking your customer for a budget. Once you have this, you can outline a plan. Arrange to buy equipment at a discount. Help in installation. You may want to charge a small fee for consultation.

ONE DAY CONSULTANT. Many hi-fi owners want to know just what thay can do to get more pleasure out of their sets. Act as a one day consultant. For the entire day, remain in their home and then blueprint everything on paper. Offer lists of suggestions on how they can get more enjoyment out of their existing sets. Suggest rearrangements.

     You will need to know the basics about sound transmissions, feedback, speakers, etc.. But if hi-fi listening is your hobby, you can use your knowledge as a consultant.

HOW TO TAKE PICTURES FOR FUN AND PROFIT. Photography is a popular hobby. Nearly everyone likes to have his/her picture taken. If you can take good pictures and if you know hot to develope them, you can earn a steady income with this hobby.

     MONEY-MAKING IDEAS. Offer your services as a photographer to caterers, religious outlets, meeting halls, fraternal groups, trade associates, convention halls, etc.. Any special gathering means pictures can be taken for a profit. These include weddings, parties, celebrations or any such situation that should be recorded on film. You may add profit to your hobby by offering frames.

     MAKE HOUSE CALLS AS A PHOTOGRAPHER. Take photographs of youngsters (always a sure money making deal) only with parents permission-they hire you, or any other special occasion. Or else have people come to your home. Furnish one room with all kinds of interesting backgrounds such as draperies, floor screens, some antique-looking furniture, wall decorations that will make an ordinary person look colorful. This " home studio" means you will have customers come to you. And you can charge a little extra   (as a hidden fee) because of your background furnishings.      ,,,,