Monday, April 25, 2011


     Here is a grab bag of ideas that can earn you steady money. Remember, the amount you earn depends upon the amount of time you invest. Some of these hints require very little time, others call for more use of time. There is something for everyone in this grab bag. yourself!

     ADDRESSING SERVICE. You'll require a typewriter. Contact merchants, mailing list houses, businesses. Offer to type names and addresses on envelopes, stickers or whatever they desire. Charge a small sum per name. You can arrange to have work delivered and picked up at your home or charge a fee for pick up and delivery.

     SELL ORIGINAL ART. There is a difference! An original painting can command a higher price because there is no other like it. Contact artists (amatures are okay) and offer to sell their works to customers on a split-fee basis. You'll find customers through advertising or even posters. Once you get the "feel" of the business, you can organize art shows.

     CLEANING SERVICE. Offer to clean up someone's cellar or attic. But--there's an angle here. Agree to cart away their "junk" which can be a source of profit for you. Backdate magazines, old, discarded clothes, paraphernalia, even furniture, can be profitable if you sell them to antique dealers and decorators. Make this arrangement in advance. They'll even have a station wagon or truck pick up these items. Be sure to tag everything and keep a list. Then make a deal with the antique dealer. You will also get paid by the home owner for the so-called "cleaning service."

     CERAMICS. This is an art and handcraft hobby. You may have to learn in a small class how to fire a kiln and make pretty ceramics from all sorts of molds. Once you learn, this craft can become an income opportunity. Hold classes in a spare room in your home, teaching others how to make ceramics. Sell some of your own ceramics at a satisfactory price. A kiln manufacturer can take orders from students and you receive a commission.

     NEWS CLIPPING SERVICE. Businesses, professional people, public relations and advertising companies often will need a clipping service. They tell you the names or facts they need. They give you the subjects, and you read a set of papers and magazines and clip out relevant items. Charge a flat monthly fee rather than per clipping.,,

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