Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Make Your Assets Work For You

INCOME FROM BOAT RIDES. Owning a boat is a big hobby for some fifty plus million people. With longer weekends and the desire to get away from it all, a few days on the water is very refreshing. It is different from conventional lake and sea resorts which are crowded and expensive.

     TEACH BOATING. If your hobby is boating, you may earn extra income by teaching it to students. Charge per lesson or a flat fee for a weekend or as long as agreed upon. Your guests will join you in the pilot room where you show them how to maneuver the boat. You'll have fun while you earn income.

WEEKEND CRUISE. Boatyards will often rent a vessel but offer no other services. This is where you come in. Basically, you fill the need. Contact various boatyards and tell the owners that you will offer to act as a pilot for a boat rented by any family. Agree to pay a slight commission to the owner.

     Some owners will not even expect any commission since it means they can rent more vessels if you pilot them. Charge a fee per day or weekend or as long as it is possible. If meals have to be prepared, add this to your charges.

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