Friday, April 1, 2011

Make Money With $100.00 Or Less Investment

NEIGHBORHOOD CONTRACTOR. You need to know carpenters, electricians and other mechanics. Advertise in the papers or put signs in real estate offices (give a commission, if requested) that you either build to order or make changes. Offer to do everything from "hanging a picture" to "creating an estate." People come to you. Discuss their needs, estimate the cost, add a markup. You then hire technicians and builders. Get them when they have spare time or when their season is dull and they will work for less than the going rate. Be sure you do not violate any local wage-labor laws. For small jobs, a local trade school can provide students who do the work at less cost for the experience.

RUG-UPHOLSTERY CLEANING. Many families need to clean upholstered furniture and rugs but do not want the trouble and expense of buying heavy cleaning equipment. You can rent such devices and either do the work yourself or hire others to do it for you. Insert ads in your local newspapers. Small stores, businesses or any locations having rugs and upholstery (including department stores, banks, professional buildings, senior citizens homes, etc.) can give you business. Store the equipment and cleaning materials in your closet or basement.,http//,,