Sunday, April 10, 2011

Make Money Everyday From Home

     NOTARY PUBLIC.  Ask your county clerk about taking a simple test to get your licends. Tell local businesses and others that you are available one day per week and will make house calls. You can work about eight hours (it's easy when you just witness signatures and use a rubber stamp or seal) and collect a tidy sum of money at the end of the day.

     SHOPPING SERVICE. Many people want someone to scout the stores and pick up items they lack the time to search for. Offer to do it for them. Try to arrange it so you spend one day buying what your customers want. Get the money in advance lest they change their minds and you're stuck with something you don't want.

     DANCE MASTER. There's still demand for gentle, soft dancing. Many people don't know how or else they would like to brush up on their footwork. If you are good at dancing then convert a garage, basement, or a spare room into a dance class. Teach them how to dance properly. Use recorded music as your background.
     Mingle between the couples and make suggestions on how to improve. Just one day a month can bring you a nice income for a fun job.

     SEWING. While you may want to use a sewing machine for more involved items, you can use needle and thread just one day a week or month for good income. Spread the word that you do specialty sewing such as buttons, zippers, rips, and tears, seams, etc.. on one day a week. People like this personalized service. It's a lot cheaper than a valet service or professional tailor. Schedule all your sewing assignments during that one particular day.

     You need ambition, a desire to help others and you can earn a nice income during your spare time. Basically, you need to find what others want and give it to them!,,,