Tuesday, April 19, 2011


    Income Opportunity for Surfers. Every part of the country with an available surf-pounding ocean or body of water has its attraction for surfing. If you can surf, you can earn income with these ideas.

     SURFBOARD DEMONSTRATIONS. Place signs in the windows of local surfboard suppliers that you are available to teach this hobby to new-comers. The supplier can be paid with a commission or agree to rent his equipment.

     Charge a flat fee per day for each student. Show how to mount a board, how to stay afloat, how to come back to shore and how to alight. Again, the informality of it all will appeal to your type of customer.

     SURFBOARD SCHOOL. Set up a school in the sense that you gather together a set of students who have some skill but require more "on the water" practice. Take them right out on the water. Call out suggestions, make improvements, tell them about errors, just as any teacher would do in any class, except that this is a "classroom" on the ocean. It's the enjoyable way to go surfboarding...for profit.

     ANTIQUE CAR MINIATURES. This hobby is also on the increase. With new models coming out all of the time, from all parts of the world, antique car miniatures are very popular. Here's how you can make money with this fast-growing hobby.

     HOME SHOW. If you have such antique car miniatures in your home, put all of them on a large table or several tables. You'll need at least 50 or 100 to make it interesting. Beneath each one, place a slip of paper containing specific information, facts, legends, etc..., about the car. Hold a home show. They are popular. Charge a couple dollars admission.
     Give your customers their money's worth by delivering an informal lecture on antique car miniatures. You can even read this from any book on the subject. Remember what I have told you before, purchase out of print books-cheap- sell them for profit (on this subject). Show slide films or motion pictures (available on rental for a modest fee or none at all except postage from many large auto manufacturers or many local libraries). This creates a good atmosphere for your customers.

     SELL ANTIQUES. Many antique car hobbyists will want to have some special models for a collection. Agree to act as a scout for them. Look around antique shops or stores that sell such items. Read hobby magazines (available at your local library) that carry listings of such miniatures available for sale. Charge a reasonable markup to your customers. This is a fun-filled hobby that can give you an extra income in a little time. You could also buy up many antique car miniatures and then offer to sell all that are on display for a profit.

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