Sunday, April 24, 2011


     STAMP COLLECTING FOR PROFIT. If you have any kind of stamp collection, contact others. List your stamps and offer to sell for a slight profit. Many stamp collecting magazines (read them at your local library) contain ads or listings of other people with the same hobby.

     BECOME A STAMP SCOUT. Ask other stamp hobbyist about their special wants. Try to find them in local stamp shops or among advertisements in various trade magazines. When you find the wanted stamps, ask your customer for the payment with a markup for your time. Purchase the stamps and your customer can pick them up.
     Give a stamp talk and demonstration at home. Obtain information from various stamp hobby books. Talk on a specific type of stamp (floral, topical, patriotic, etc.) and then display your stamps. It's a good money making idea to have an assortment of stamps available on the topic you discuss. Offer these stamps for sale.

     COIN COLLECTING FOR PROFIT. With so many new nations coming into being, there are new coins always available. Old currencies are discarded and may prove to be valuable at a later date. You can't lose in coin collecting since the coins, themselves, have a basic value. They may not rise a value, but you can always sell them for what you paid, plus a little profit. Here's how to add income from coin collecting.

     Exchange or sell your coins with other collectors. Find them listed or advertised in coin magazines available free at your local library. Get special sets or series and then offer them for sale. This will bring more profit than individual coins.

     Become a coin scout. Ask other coin hobbyist about their special needs and then look through stores and magazines. When you locate them, sell at a profit.,,,,

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