Sunday, April 3, 2011

$100.00 or Less Money Making Opportunities

     EXPORTING-IMPORTING.  Financial newspapers as well as finicial sections of major newspapers (and magazines, too) carry classified advertisements for "Merchandise Wanted" and 'merchandise For sale.' bring them together. Make arrangements with foreign companies who seek specific types of products. You can get a list of them from the United States Department of Commerce.
     You could even invest in a small advertisement in financial papers, offering your services as a commission-only importer and exporter. All you need is a table, telephone, typewriter...and time!!

     STUDENT RENTAL AGENT. Students at many universities want to live off campus. Find them living quarters. Begin by mailing letters to real estate agents saying that you have apartment-wanting students and will bring them in at no charge to the realtor. You charge your students a percentage of the rent. Check local laws to see what you are allowed to do. Also, send a form letter to all nearby universities and colleges and offer your services to find them apartments.

     SET UP A SCHOOL. This is not an institution of higher learning. It is a simple school that teaches skills such as sewing, cooking, reading, writing  languages, collecting, hobbies, flowers, housekeeping, painting, writing, voice, amateur dramatics, dancing, design.

     If you have any such skill, then you can teach it. Hold a class for a dozen or more students in your basement, garage or large living room. If textbooks are needed, buy them at wholesale and sell at retail for a little extra money. Charge a flat fee for as many lessons as are needed. Most people are interested in developing their talents and abilities so you will be offering a real service to the community.

     SPECIALIZED MESSENGER SERVICE. This is more unique than ordinary messenger services. That is, you offer a speciality. For example, offer to pick up x-rays and/or medical supplies for doctors. Do the same for lawyers, accountants who need messengers for their papers. There are floral shops, printers, restaurants, tailors, etc. who want a service that works solely in their field. You can hire students to do deliveries in their spare time. Your only investment is for a mailing or advertisment. No inventory. Work right out of your home.

     These are just a few more of the many income producing opportunities that are yours with an investment of time and little money.,,http//