Friday, March 11, 2011

You Can Make Money From Home

ANTIQUE SHOPPING. Make money out of the develpoing and ever-growing antique boom. At junk shops, rummage sales (even the city dump) or at little out of the way stores, buy all sorts of odds and ends at low prices that can be made to look like antiques. Polish up. Put price tags on each one. Set up antiques on a table in your parlor. Sell to friends, neighbors, even local decorating shops as well as to interior decorators.
PET HOTEL. Offer to "board" pets of vacationing neighbors, others. You'll need about ten kennels... one for each pet, unless you can accommodate more. Add in cost of food. You'll need to take them daily airing, exercise. You'll need to do cleaning, too. This "hotel for pets" idea can be quite good.
CAT SITTING SERVICE. Cats are very domesticated, household creatures. Tell vicationing neighbors and friends uou'll come in daily to clean up and feed their cats. Or, you can board cats in your home but they may scratch up more than it is worth. Don't forget to add in cost of food, unless customers provide their own.
PLANT SITTING SERVICE. Agree to water or care for plants of vacationing neighbors. You MUST get written instructions on how much to water each specific plant. If special care is needed, get this in writing, too. It's important to the plants health.
STORAGE ROOM. Turn a spare attic, basement or garage or unused room into money. Use it for storage. Local firms, many professionals, want low-cost storage rooms and will welcome your availiability.