Monday, March 28, 2011

You Are A Winner--You and Money

Local Salesperson. Become a commission salesperson for any large company in your vicinity. Any product or service can be sold locally on a personal calls or b y leads provided by this company.

                           BUSINESSES YOU CAN START FOR UNDER $100.00

      For some spare cash,  for about $100.00, you can take advantage of some very good money-making opportunities. Most of these opportunities can be followed right in your own neighborhood. You may need to purchase some equipment so seek out good pawn shops or used machinery dealers. Try renting any needed equipment with an option to pay at a later date. (Some of these opportunities require no equipment but will call for expenditures of other sorts.)

     PRODUCE PLAYS. Act as a producer to clubs or organizations who want to put on a play for fund raising. Start out by asking these clubs about their needs and how much they want to pay for the complete package. Then arrange for space either at a school, church or available meeting hall. Any locale with a large space for a stage and proper lighting is satisfactory.
     Ask your library about play catalogues that are available. Many plays are royalty-free. You pay only a flat charge per script. Select plays requiring no unusual costumes to help reduce cost.
     As a producer you have to get everything together. The cast is usually made up of members of the organization in charge. You'll have to get everything in order, attend rehearsals, see to it that the show is put on according to schedule. Some knowledge is needed for this type of income opportunity but you can get it from any book. You'll learn (and earn) as you go along.