Friday, March 4, 2011


                                  The bumpy road to smooth skin
Don't jump to any conclusion about frogs and toads. The real cause of warts in people is the human papillomavirus. Coming in more than 60 varities, the papillomavirus is spread on the surface of the skin- either from person to person or from contact with an object that an infected person has touched. You can have the virus without and warts. Scientists are unsure why the virus touches off some skin, while other people seem unaffected by it. For some reason, kids get warts more often than adults do.
     Different viruses cause different kinds of warts. The common wart, which appears on the hands and elbows, had a rough surface. The flat wart is smooth. It can show up in clusters wherever people shave, such as a woman's legs or a man's face. Then there is  the planter wart, which hangs out on the feet and can get painful as it rubs against a shoe.
     Time is the best cure, most warts go away on their own within two years. Eventually your body immune system will get rid of warts. If a year or two seems too long to live with warts, try the following: smear on some Aspirin.
     Nothing works over night,patience is the key. over-the-counter wart remedies such as Compound W contain varying concentrations of  salicylic acid- the main ingredient in aspirin. The higher the concentratiion, the better. Unless the wart is near the eyes or mouth or anywhere on the face of a child, you should be very careful  , because these products can cause blisters and ulcerations.
     Apply the salicylic acid remedy every night until the wart goes away. Then keep applying it for a week afterward for good measure.
      Or you can give the wart a bath: Soak the wart in warm water for 10 minutes. The soaking will moisten the wart and make it easier for the over-the-counter preparation to reach the virus. Repeat soaking the wart and applying the salicylic acid remedy everyday for six to eight weeks.
     Watch the Nerve  warts are extremely sensitive to the body's immune system- and the immune system is closely tied to a person's feelings, teenagers under stress often get warts on their hands. The warts will disappear when the stress goes away.