Wednesday, March 9, 2011


     SELLING BOOKS. Look up wholesalersers in Publishers Weekly. ( available at public libraries) to see who has unsold books (known as remainders in the industry) for sale at a fraction of their original cost. Request a catalogue. Prepare a one-page circular of a wide selection of books to appeal to as many tastes as possible, at a low price that is still profitable for you.
     Often a $10.00 list price book can be bought for 50 cents and re-sold for $5.00. Use the angle of "books for gifts" and special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas. Offer to giftwrap for $1.00 extra.
     FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS. Some ability is required for this one. Sharpen your skills by seeing how others do them in magazines and books, available at your library. Catering services, interior decorators, houses of worship, hospitals and others are good sources of business. Offer your services as a floral arranger to florist shops, too. This is a service that is in demand year round.
     CUSTOM MADE CLOTHING. You need to be good with needle, thread, and sewing machine. Call yourself a "dressmaker" or "private tailor." Use the angle that you can sew anything for anybody. Many people like something designed exclusively for them and will pay for this.
     If you can sew wedding garments, this is a steady business. Contact organizations, churches, caters, lodges, auxiliaries. Most customers will bring their own cloth or else prepare a book of swatches and you help them select at a markup price.
     HOME REPAIRS. Many women have this skill and are welcome in homes occupied by women. If you can repair household appliances, ask local hardwear stores if you can post a sign in their windows. Arrange to buy their supplies. You might give the storekeeper a percentage of the fee you receive from his/her recommendations.
     COOKING LESSONS. Specialized or ethnic cooking is always popular. Or a special type of dish such as cakes, stews, omlets, casserole can be taught to people. Hold a cooking class in your own kitchen. Either one session for $10.00 per person (they get to eat some of the food) or hold a series of sessions for about $5.00 each. If food costs are too high, then just offer taste samples of what is done. Or, specify that if they want a goodly amount of the cooked food, the fee is $2.00 more and this is half profit, too.