Saturday, March 26, 2011

Money Opportunities

     PART-TIME TEACHING.  You have some skill. Is it language, bookkeeping, office work,--even cooking or decorating? Any skill means you can earn money by teaching a few people in your home. Private lessons are informal and people feel they are more personalized. You could teach sewing, stream-lined housekeeping or anything else in which you have some knowledge.

       HOME BEAUTICIAN. If you're reasonably good with makeup and hairdressing, do this work in your home. Many women will pay more than they do at a beauty salon because they like a personalized and individualized service. You will need some beauty lotions, and hair care products.

     FREE-LANCE NEWS CORRESPONDENT. Most state capital newspapers want a local on-the-spot correspondent. Write and ask to be taken on as a "stringer" for a piecework fee. Then, contact local associates, schools, clubs, organizations, corporations. Ask to be put on the mailing list for their press releases. Rewrite them with a personal touch and send to your paper. You could suggest a "gossip" column on a regular basis. Many publicity-seeking people will phone you.

     PRICE SHOPPING.  Many stores want comparison shopping data. They'll pay you to visit some one or two dozen local stores and prepare a price list of items and report back to them. They'll pay you on a per diem basis.