Monday, March 7, 2011

Money-Making opportunities

     Here are many types of income opportunities you can work right from your home. They are simple and not too well known. But they can give you big profits for little effort. Some of these opportunities require skills but these skills are so commonplace, they should be no problem to most people. Start out with effort and sincerity and the rest will fall into place.
      FLOOR WAXING SERVICE. Nearly all small stores, offices, even apartments, homes, hotels, meeting halls-and any building with a floor-can use a floor polishing and waxing service. You need not do this work yourself. For a small sum, rent the equipment. Hire workers from the State Employment Office on an hourly rate. Then call local offices, stores, restaurants, etc. (Find them listed in the Yellow Pages of your telephone book.)  Offer to polish or wax (or both) their floors just one day per month for a flat fee. Include rental rates in your fee.
     Do  this on a contract fee. Tip: Contact real estate offices. Ask to do this service through them for the buildings they either manage or own them. Often, one real estate company can give you plenty of work.
     HOME TYPING SERVICE. You'll need a typewriter, paper, and ink for this service. Charge from 50 cents to $1.00 a page, depending upon the condition of work to be typed. If in longhand or heavily edited, more is required. Write or telephone attorneys, publicity people, writers, publishing companies, literary agents, etc. Lists are found in the Yellwo Pages. You might insert a small advertisement in such publications as Writers Digest or Publishers Weekly. See copies at your local library.
     PHOTOCOPYING SERVICE. You may want to rent or purchase an inexpensive machine. Prices are low. Ask local stores if, as a courtesy, they'll let you insert a circular on the window. Offer to do free photocopying for some of their work in return. Post circulars in fraternal and social organization bulletin boards. Tyr college bulletin boards. Many professionals use such a service but do not nees to acquire a machine. Offer free pickup and delivery for orders over $5.00.