Friday, March 25, 2011

Make Money--No Investment

     No need to spend any money to start these income opportunities. You can invest as much time as you desire. Bear in mind that the more time you put into these no investment opportunities, the more profits you will be likely to make.

FUND RAISING. Read up on fund raising at your local library. List a hundred or more ideas on how to raise cash. Then contact local organizations, associations, religious groups, charitable organizations. (They are listed in your local Yellow Pages.) Call or visit the treasurer or person in charge of each of these groups. Offer your services as a fund raising consultant. Ask for their needs. Then say you will prepare a fund raising package tailored exclusively for them, for a flat fee.

     You will be paid for ideas and you will find them in many books on the subject. Do the research and get paid for it.

WEIGHT CONTROL GROUP. You needn't be fat to do this. (It helps if you were formerly fat and can serve as a good example.) Prepare material to read or demonstrate. Gather fat folks who need this type of group therapy to lose pounds and slim down. Read them book reviews, discuss the latest facts on overweight, prepare low-calorie recipes that they can copy down. Charge per session. Arrange weekly meetings. You could also sell reducing books which are available at wholesale from publishers.