Thursday, March 10, 2011

Make Money from Home

TOY REPAIRS.  Most women know how to mend dolls or other toys. Some skill is required but few tools. Offer to repair whatever toys are broken if you can do so. Or specialiazing only in dolls. Charge less than half of the original price of the toy.
RE-WEAVING. You need skill with a needle and/or machine. So-called "invisible re-weaving" will bring many customers to your home to repair burns and holes in fabrics of all sorts. Tailor shops can use your services.
SIMPLE MENDING. Handy with a needle, thread with or without a sewing machine? Then offer a mending service. This is different than offering to sew holes in everyday people's garments. Instead, you contact doctors, hotels, hospitals, restaurants and just about everywhere else that a uniform is worn. Offer to do mending for a flat fee-- or a small charge per piece. Large companies with lots of uniformed workers are your best sources of income opportunities.
LAWN MOWING. You'll have to go out of your home... but this is profitable. Either buy or rent a power mower. Any house with a lawn is a potential customer. Office buildings or businesses with lawns are very good sources since these professionals usually don't want to mow their lawns. Go door to door, leave business cards offering your services and available hours.
NECKTIES, KERCHIEFS. Custom-made, this is a little known, "secret" home-based business that is desperate for workers. Make neckties and kerchiefs to order. Provide your own material (available for pennies or even for free if you pick it up at your local textile outfits) or customers bring their own cloth. You need just one necktie or kerchief pattern. Often, an exclusive pattern which no one else has will bring a high price.