Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Make Money from Home

            HOME BOOKKEEPING SERVICE. You need to know basics of bookkeeping. Try small one-person businesses such as doctors, dentists. You could also offer the service to accountants who need low-cost home working bookkeeoers. Use the sales angle that you're much more economical since you charge per job and not a weekly salary.
           CONSULTANT SREVICE. What special knowledge do you have? Are you a retired businessperson? Then become a consultant to newcomers in the field or established ones who seek professional and experienced advice, cook, make meals, sew dresses? Do you want to show others how to do this? You do not do this work. You show others how to do it.
Ask customers to come to your home. Devote a full day to a talk, a discussion group, any demonstrations, etc. Charge by the day. But you should have some good working and talking knowledge and expertise in your particular topic in order to speak well.
           GHOSTWRITING. If you can write an interesting letter, you can do ghostwriting. Offer a speechwriting service to lodges, clubs, unions, political headquarters, fraternal organizations. Get a subject assigned, then research it in the library and write a short speech...do it as if you're talking to someone. Most clients will give you facts and pay you to put them in an acceptable form. If you must do more research, ask for additional money. Charge a flat fee per page or per minute.
           RESEARCH. All you need is a library card for this one. If you have an encyclopedia at home, that makes it easier, although you can get one at the library. Students, professionals, public officials, even teachers, often need such research. So do publishers.
When given a subject to research, look it up in the library. Ask the reader's advisor for help. (This is free, too!) Photocopy as much as possible. Add this to your fees. Either rewrite it or present it all to your client. You've done the legwork and this is the major part of the job.
          INCOME TAX SERVICE. If you're good with figures know how to prepare a tax form, this is for you. It may be seasonal work (the first four months of the year) or year-round, depending upon the client. Offer your services to stores, small organizations, small businesses. Everone has to pay tax and forms must be filled out. Charge per form.