Monday, March 21, 2011

Mail Order

     TAPES, RECORDS, CASSETTES. This is a booming field. Nearly everyone, all ages, owns an audio unit. Use the gimmick that you have something different, not usually available at local stores. Try "oldies" or discontinued or unpopular items that you can call "little known" or "new discoveries" or any slogan that will catch the eye.

     CLOTHING. Yes, people like to buy mail order clothing. You can arrange for drop shipments from any wholesaler or you can buy packaged items ready for your own shipment. Select clothes not usually found in local stores. Features the unsual type of wearing apparel that will attract mail order buyers who look for different styles that will make them stand out.

     GIFTS. Many gift wholesalers have catalogues upon which you put your own imprint. These are popular during the holidays but can also be used for any special occasion. Your catalogue should offer a variety of gifts for all types of small and big celebrations. Use the angle that you have gifts for just about any occasion and will ship them to any name and address on a supplied mailing list. Try to build up a following as the "gift person" who can be relied upon for just about any occasion...even upon short notice, to come up with a gift.

     OFFICE SUPPLIES. Businesses and professional people like to look through a catalogue that offers a variety of different office supplies. It's a "one stop" shopping idea that can save them time. Try a mailing to offices or executives showing a variety of items. Contact any office supply wholesaler and arrange for drop-shipment. Also include items for personal use such as jewelry.

     PERFUME. This is a booming market. Women love to buy perfume through the mail because they have the feeling it cannot be obtained at local stores. It can also be sold at a lower price. Also add on scented soaps and bath powders and some other cosmetics. Use an exotic name for your line if you want to use a private label.

     RELIGIOUS OBJECTS. Try to use the angle that you are specializing in religious novelties and objects. These can include desk sets, medals, books, garments, pins, etc. Wholesalers can give you packaged items ready for shipment or you can do your own shipping. Advertise in religious or church publications. Sell one item at a low cost. Then ship it with a catalogue of other religious objects available.