Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mail Order

     TOOLS. Cash in on the do-it-yourself and home repair boom. You can buy packaged tools, ready for shipping, from shipping, from a wholesaler. Look in handicraft magazines for wholesalers. Buy packaged tools from any of these.
They are usually ready for shipping. Just address, and add postage and mail.

 Customers are hobbyists, auto mechanics, women who want to do their own repairs, teenagers, contractors, anyone in the building or mechanical fields. Mailing lists are available. Always include a little catalogue with your mailings.

People of all ages would like to do home study work but cannot pay the high cost of correspondence courses. Many would be glad to buy a complete course to study in their spare time. No diplomas. But much self-knowledge and self-improvement. You call sell them used correspondence courses.
Contact any correspondence school, offer to buy discontinued courses in bulk.
Advertise in family magazines or in classified columns. Prepare a small price list describing the courses. Buy mailing listsof those who inquired but never enrolled at correspondence schools. You can add to your income by offering to sell used textbooks which are relevant to the subject of the courses. These are available at wholesale prices from publishers.