Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How you can make Money from Home

TOYS. While Christmas is the big buying season for toys through the mail, don't over look birthdays and other special holidays. This is a year-yround business. Advertise one toy in a magazine catering to parents (or new parents). Then include a circular or small catalogue with shipment offering other toys.

RELIGIOUS OBJECTS. Try to use the angle that you are specializing in religious novelties and objects. These can include desk sets, medals, books, garments, pins, etc. Wholesalers can give you packaged items ready for shipment or you can do your own shipping. Advertise in religious or church publications. Sell one item at a low cost. Then ship it with a catalogue of other religious objects available.

PHOTOSTAMPS. This is a fast-moving mail order item that will appeal to everybody. Advertise in Sunday supplements or classified sections of papers and magazines. People mail you photographs. You have to arrange for special photoprinters to put them on gummed and perforated postage stamp sized stickers. (Find these photoprints in the Yellow Pages, usually under photostamps.) They're quick and easy to prepare and ship.

APPLIANCES. Decide that you will compete with local stores by offering brand name appliances at a much lower cost. It is important to charge less since people will feel it is easier and better to go to a local store. Any appliance that can be packaged and shipped can be sold through the mail.
     You can get discontinued (but brand new) models for a much lower wholesale cost and therefore sell it for a discount. Sell one item through any advertisement. Slowly build up more and more items to be sold. Drop shipment is wise here, unless you can stock a lot of merchandise.

WIGS. For men and women. Locally, they can cost up to $300.00 or more. Through the mail, you can sell a good quality wig for as low as $10.00 or $20.00. Manufacturers can package wigs. Customers order according to style number and color that you advertise. (An illustration is needed and this can be supplied by manufacturers). You can also sell hair care supplies and wig style booklets and wig cleaning items.

PERSONAL HOROSCOPES. Astrology is very popular. A personalized horoscope for about $3.00 or even $5.00 or perhaps $10.00 can be prepared if you read up on this subject and become familiar with the zodiac. Your library has many books and magazines you can read for free. Advertise for readers to send in their birthdays. Then look up the proper sign in the astrology book and prepare encouraging advise. Feature success, money, romance in your personal horoscope.
     You'll find people coming to you again and again for revised and updated horoscopes.
TIP: Include a little circualr headlined, Astrology Can Help Your Problem." Then write that for $2.00 per question, you will help solve the problem, based on astrological research. This can bring in additional money.

AUTO SUPPLIES. Not to be confused with hot rods, you offer a variety of different supplies. Emphasize the novelties, the gimmicks, the little gadgets that can make a driver feel he or she has something different for his or her automobile. Mail to auto owners (a list is available at any mailing list broker). If you have supplies or novelities that will be suitable to a specific auto make, you'll reap big profits. Do a mailing to owners of that particular auto and offer supplies that can be used only for that make. Arrange for drop shipment if you lack storage space.

     Spot the latest trends and fads and cater to them through mail order income opportunities. Read daily newspapers, gossip columns. Read a variety of different magazines (available free at your library) to spot any trade or profession that will need any special items that can be sold through the mail.
     Just as it is a never-ending thrill for you to receive money through the mails, so it is always exciting for someone to receive a package through the mails. Everyone gains...especially yourself!!