Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Businesses under $100.00

     SELLING ANTIQUES. Try to apecialize in one type of antique to make it easier to find customers. You could try antique guns, antique dishes, antique objects, painting, silverware, books, etc.

     At a good antique shop, spend about $50.00 on a few of these items. Then advertise in antique magazines. You'll find an assortment of these in your local library.

     If you specialize it means that once you sell a customer an antique spoon (for example), you can tell customers you have other spoons available and that you can be consulted concerning further purchases.

     RECORDING SERVICE. Many people will want a special event recorded--either on tape or record or both, just as they would want to have pictures taken. Your income opportunity calls for having an economical recorder. Also, some customers will want certain radio or television programs on tape or record and you can do it for them, too. There are endless possibilities. For the cost of a recording machine, you can make steady money.

     FARMING FOR INCOME. Any spare ground in your back yard can bring in some profit and income. Do local people want special types of home grown fruits, vegetables, and grains? Then buy the seeds at a nearby gardening outlet. Ask for planting advice from your county agricultural representative. Plant crops calling for little effort. Just a few hours a week devoted to such backyard farming can bring you spare time income. If organic produce is wanted, you could charge a bit extra. Just use organic fertilizers. Customers will eagerly buy up all that you grow.,http//,