Thursday, March 31, 2011

$100.00 or less-Investment-Make Money

RESEARCHER. You need just a (free) library card and notebook. Then set yourself up as a researcher. Contact organizations, schools, advertising agencies or any group that can use library research. Ask for an assigned topic. Then look it up in the card file or ask the librarian for help. Either copy down the research by hand or use a photocopying machine available in most libraries. You might also tape record information. Charge extra for this service. Charge by the hour or job. You do not do any writing on this income opportunity. You just research the topic.

A PRIVATE CONSULTANT. Put any special skill to work as the source of a special or private consultant. Many people need personal face-to-face advice on certain subjects. If you can offer specific advice and counsel on these subjects, offer your services. You need knowledge and a feeling of being sympathetic. Advertise your service in local papers. You can also draw customers by giving a lecture on your special subject. Change a tiny admission fee just to cover expenses. After-ward, offer to give private advice on that subject. You can build up a good clientele in this manner.

TRAVEL AGENT. You may need a licends for this one so ask your local county clerk. Contact various airlines, railroad companies, ship companies for travel folders, circulars and posters.
Have a few posters placed in store windows and promise the owner a discount on his/her travels in return.

     On each posted folder or circular, paste your name and telephone as the travel agent. You may also arrange to work with one large shipline or airline on an exclusive basis. They may train you for free. You will be paid a commission for each trip you arrange. Since most people are busy during the week, they'll be glad to come to you on Saturdays, evenings and weekends.,http//,