Sunday, February 20, 2011

What you should know about commercial antiperspirants

     Most commercial anti-perspirants contain laboratory engineered Aluminum and Silver compounds, plus a whole bunch of artificial fragrances that are Toxic!

     1)  Use a neutral body lotion like plain aqua's cream or your own homemade body lotion.  Pour 50ml. (1.75oz.)  lotion into an empty container.

     2)  Add 5 to 6 pinches ground rock (crystal) salt into the lotion in the roll-on holder.  It has to be rock salt, not normal table salt.  Rock salt is normally known as Polish or Himalayn Crystal Salt and is available in holistic shops and health shops (where they still sell seeds and raw bran.)

     3)  Close the roll-on container and shake it a bit so the lotion and salt can mix.

     4)  Leave it to stand over night so the salt can dissolve into the lotion.

     5)  Shake it once or twice before each application and apply as you would with normal anti-perspirant.